How Heal Foundation works


  • We impart appropriate skill training to youth for enhancing their employability prospects.
  • We equip out of school children from the community with adequate educational skills, social values, communication skills, life skills, ethics and citizenship
  • We promote the health and wellbeing of the women, girls, men and youth in the community through evening clinics, health camps, awareness on institutional deliveries and immunization.
  • We understand the community dynamics and challenges around local issues such as waste management, improvement in sanitation and disaster preparedness in situations such as fire.
  • We empower the women from community with educational skills and financial literacy to ensure that they are literate and financially independent. Community development initiative 3
  • We ensure that men, youths and women from the community are registered under the Unique Identification Scheme (UID) Govt. of India in order to get the benefits of the various Govt. Schemes.