Capacity Building of Health Media


HEAL Foundations is the largest network of Health Writers across India & SAARC Countries. HEAL creates various knowledge disseminating opportunities and platform for media fraternity on hosts of health issues plaguing Indian society.


An issue of great importance for public health today is – how to bring in changes in behavior in order to improve wellbeing of our ever increasing population!
Although threats to public health come from various domains, health behavior is a primary concern because of its large contribution to morbidity. There is a paradigm shift in people’s attitude & behaviour towards health and wellness and the media plays a vital role in shaping it up.


Precisely for this reason, there is an urgent need of bringing all the health and science writers on a common platform where they can meet and discuss with their fellow colleagues, and can disseminate information in a convincing manner to the common man.


Understanding this need, HEAL Foundation has conducted over 150 regional workshops to train health writers and journalists on various health related subjects related to nutrition for neonatal, children, adolescent and women, food fortification, food safety, importance of breast feeding, vaccination, preservative free food, medical technology for making healthcare delivery accessible and affordable etc. with public sector offices, development bodies like World Bank, World Health Organization, UNICEF, GAIN, UNDP etc. and many corporate organizations as well.


We have also conducted 5 national level health writers workshops which saw participation of health journalists, editors freelancers and bloggers from across the country. HEAL Foundation’s National Health Writers and Editors Conventions are the only platform in India for capacity building of health writers from across India. Each convention has seen participation of about 100 health writers.

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