Summing up some extraordinary work done by PM Modi & his Team & few of our Chief Ministers to fight COVID 19, which the International Media deliberately tends to ignore! As I share this link of the recenty published New York Times (NYT) analysis on work done to fight COVID
Covid 19 has recalibrated the earth, our lives, plans, and the way we think and act. Abnormal is the new normal – from people staying at home, working from home to eating at home while the offices ‘flew’ to the Cloud. While there are many developments triggered by the virus
Today we even don’t need to introduce that this column is about Covid-19, Community Spread&; danger which we are facing, the uncertainty about what it’s going to turn out in next 3 months, 6 months, 1 year & beyond, whether it&;s about the risk of getting infected by this ‘mischievous
Shankh baje o tal baje, aur baji hai ganpat aarti, Adbhut drishya suna vishwa ne, hum ujjwal Bharati… said Sri Amitabh Bacchhan in his post today showing his support & widely acknowledging the GRAND SUCCESS of PM Modi’s appeal for self-imposed ‘Janta Curfew’ and to come on your rooftop &

Dilemma Of ‘Social Distancing’

Posted by admin on  May 4, 2020

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‘Will the world now wake up to the global threat of zoonotic diseases?’, Dennis Carroll, a leading voice of spread of zoonotic spill-over, the transmission of pathogens from non- human animals to us. This may just be a beginning of such spill-overs and a many of Global scientists & researchers