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  • People’s Perception Survey on ‘Realistic Optimism’
  • Six COVID-19 Special e-Newsletters
  • Four COVID-19 Specific Webinars in a Row
  • Grand 1 st Live eHealth Summit on COVID-19 & Lockdown
  • Over 3000 Direct Participation Webinars & Live Discussions
  • Over 500 queries answered around COVID-19
  • Over 75 Medical & Public Health & Women Key Influencers addressed as Panellists
  • Speakers from India & UK
  • Over video views: 29654
  • Total Reach: 514354
  • 10 Main Sessions & approx
  • 25 subtopics in COVID-19 Prevention & Management
  • Women in Lockdown: Coping Strategies also covered
  • Digital Outreach: 1 Lac

As a responsibility towards contributing to Fighting COVID 19, we took up what we are best at & created a COVID SAFETY MOVEMENT. Here’s a short video showcasing our 1 month short but impactful journey, touching on your contribution too & also taking the courage of announcement of our 1st LIVE eHEALTH SUMMIT (Saturday, 2nd May, 2020 11.00 am onwards), planned to include more than a thousand Participants, more than 35 Panelists/ Experts from across the globe under our flagship program- COVIDFIGHTERS (, with an Objective to create a positive environment full of well-informed citizens who will become our force (#IndiaFights) to recon with in fighting #covidout.
Please do come forward to support this movement #covidfighters in whatever small WAY you are comfortable with👍🙏

How To Protect Yourself

Wash Your Hands

Cover Coughs and Sneezes

Avoid Close Contact

Wear a Face Mask

Stay Home

Clean and Disinfect