About us

HEAL Foundation is a not for profit organisation registered under Indian Trust Act. As a trust, we aim to engage key stakeholders of the healthcare industry in India with the mission of:

    • Nudging masses towards healthier practices by spreading awareness around relevant health issues
    • Engaging and empowering stakeholders through capacity building so that they can guide the country towards better health practices
    • Associating with medical bodies, associations, organisations and policy makers to help design policies which can improve health status of the country

It is our belief that by changing health seeking behaviour of all individuals and making health a priority for everyone, India’s disease burden will decline and our health status shall improve leading to country’s growth at all levels.

Creating Opportunities

To engage, empower and initiate brainstorming amongst stakeholders for better health outcomes

Spreading Awareness

Identifying relevant health issues and using innovative and effective tools to
increase awareness levels

Supporting Knowledge

Through capacity building, knowledge curation and creation activations, using science backed discussions to strike a chord with the stakeholders